Black Caesar The Dozens of Pirates Behind The Legend

26 Aug 2023

You may have heard of the larger-than-life “Black Caesar” who plundered alongside Blackbeard. But as it turns out, there were dozens of pirates of African descent referred to as “Black Caesar.” In this episode of Rogue History, we will unearth the stories of some lesser-known Black Caesars and examine how certain forces shape the stories we remember today.

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Rogue History
Shaking off the barnacles from this wildly popular storytelling canon, this Pirates historical series is an enlightening voyage that unravels historical myths, unearths lost narratives, and discovers fresh perspectives. This is the pirate history you were never told.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 The Legend of the Larger-than-Life African Chieftain
00:43 What DO We Know about Black Caesar
01:23 Alliance with Blackbeard
02:45 Dozens of Other “Black Caesars”
03:59 Henri Caesar + Haitian Revolution
04:27 John Black Caesar the Bushranger
04:49 The Name Caesar is Rooted in the Ancient World
05:08 Black Caesar Had No Last Name in Trial Records
05:21 Questioning the Sources We Rely On
06:10 Why Did Black Pirates Join Crews in the First Place

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