Black Millionaire Masterminds Part II David Shands The Circle Of CEO s 310

06 Dec 2022

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The Roots of Black Essence is a place where you can come to be inspired, motivated, and see what lies beneath the struggle and dedication of our heritage.
Our intention is to show young black leaders what they are capable of by viewing black excellence in the past, present, and future.
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This Dream Team of C.E.O.s discuss how they became friends yet they are able to hold one another accountable in the business arena.
The Circle of C.E.O.s started from a series of in-person and zoom meetings that brought them closer over time. They are close friends as well as high level C.E.O.s of their individual companies. The main focus was and still is adding value to one another.

Nehemiah Davis

Justin Ownes

Marcus Barney

Alix Burton

Jason Lobdell

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Show notes:
00:00 Podcast Preview

01:55 Sponsored By

02:37 Scam Culture

09:16 Success Takes A Shot At You

12:05 When It Gets Tough

15:59 Conflicting Ideas

18:30 Commercial Break

19:28 Assess The Partnership

22:18 The Shift Of Power

27:12 Date Before You Form A Circle

37:00 Commercial Break

38:00 Adding Value To Each Other

45:28 Earning Success

49:23 What You Look For In A Team Member

55:49 Save Money For Opportunities

1:05:10 Wait Your Turn

1:07:13 Twelve Month Accomplishment
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