How To Hold Your Ground In Any Argument

23 Nov 2022

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We’ve all had conversations that started out friendly, then suddenly turned into an argument that made us feel attacked. The other person twists your words and uses little tricks to try to make you look dumb.

So today we’re going to break down a conversation just like that between Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan, to show you how to defend yourself in any argument, even if the other person is determined to make you look bad.

This video is NOT endorsing either of these people, it’s simply an analysis to teach you the tactics some people use to assert dominance in an argument.


0:00 - Intro
0:30 - #1: Spot when they enter "fight mode"
1:14 - #2: Watch for misquoting
2:49 - #3: Beware of derailing interruptions
4:41 - #4: Don't steamroll concessions
5:57 - #5: Catch any logic gaps
7:34 - #6: Draw a conversational boundary
8:39 - #7: Acknowledge any common ground
9:40 - #8: Give yourself permission to change your mind
10:30 - Improve your confidence

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