The MLK Jr they don t want you to know about rare speeches

17 Jan 2024

#mlkday #mlkjr #africanamericanhistory

MLK Jr. was harmless until he started going through his Spiritual Awakening.
If you follow his speeches, you can see clearly when he began to change his point of view.
He realized his dream was unrealistic .
You can’t be peaceful with violent people and think you’re going to progress .
They didnt mind him when he was singing Kum ba ya and coddling yt folks but once he became “woke” & started talking about defending ourselves and telling them to cut the check, that’s when they decided he had to go ! The media will always twist things in order to manipulate your perspective to fit their agenda. They want you to think that he was only about nonviolence, however they intentionally leave out valuable details. Dr. King gave over 2000 speeches, yet the only one we really hear is ‘I Have a Dream.’. Why do you think that is?
Have you ever heard any of these speeches? Lmk in the comment section! Rest in Power, Dr. King

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