The Untold Origins of the Black Blind Musician

26 Aug 2023

There’s a long history of blind Black musicians in the US dating back to the 19th century, from Blind Tom to Ray Charles. Join recording artist Lachi and Professor Danielle Bainbridge to discuss the history on why blindness seems like a common thread among Black musicians. And how modern musicians have changed the narrative on disability in performance.


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Director: Dolly Li
Producer: Tien Nguyen
Consulting Producer: Danielle Bainbridge
On-camera appearances by: Danielle Bainbridge, Lachi
Written by: Danielle Bainbridge and Tien Nguyen
Voiceover by: Kiana Taylor
Director of Photography: Brian Inocencio
Gaffer: Seth MacMillan
Online Editor: Eurie Chung
Assistant Editor: Josaen Ronquillo
Motion Graphics: Jonathan Gil, Travis Hatfield
Research Assistant: Kiana Taylor
Makeup Artist: Dawn Coleman
Set Designer: Tori Laxalt
Fact Checker: Yvonne McGreevy

Post-production services & facilities provided by: Flash Cuts
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Danielle Bainbridge

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