Top 8 Companies You Thought Were Black-Owned Businesses But Aren't

28 Oct 2022


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are my opinions and should be viewed for entertainment value only.

From cookbooks to clothing to cosmetics, in this video, I explore these top eight companies that appear to be Black-owned businesses from the outside. But a closer look reveals they are not.

From using Black-inspired recipes and Black vernacular (such as "thug" and "word up") to having a clear racist history, we'll discuss a LOT in this video regarding these "not Black owned" businesses.

Before we begin, let's talk about why this topic matters (for the silly people who like to make silly comments anytime I talk about Black things). There are many profiting from Black culture, Black pain, and Black innovation; that has and will always continue to happen. And yet when it comes time to speak up for Black lives and activate change designed at repairing longstanding injustices, it's easy to stick to the status quo.

In some cases, these not Black-owned businesses sit idly by in word only. Some are even silent. So as a community, I think it’s important to know where we are spending our money and which organizations we may need to call to the carpet.

Unsplash Photos by krakenimages, Dex Ezekiel, Tanner Boriack, and AbsolutVision.
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